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Who We Are

Our organization is the fifth member of the Electronic Association of Parliamentarians.   

Our parent organization is the National Association of Parliamentarians and we were founded by members of the North Carolina Association of Parliamentarians in February of 2018.  

Our mission is to offer educational programs on parliamentary procedure using Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised, 11th edition.

Moreover. we believe that the more educational exposure our members have learning parliamentary procedure, the more successful those members will become.

Another core belief we have here at T.H.E.U. is that ,"We have come together to teach (RONR) to others - AND - to each other.

Educational programs will be scheduled regularly and are free to members of the  electronic unit.

This is an exciting time!

Electronic platforms on which to educate members far beyond the traditional reach of a state is now commonplace.  The Tar Heel E-Unit seeks to collaborate with and serve alongside the E-Units who have some before us and laid incredible foundations.

The gavel is the tool the Chair of the meeting uses to bring Order to the Chamber.

Our mission is to deliver accurate, timely, and ultimately parliamentary education on an electronic platform four times a year.

Ultimately, being part of our association will prepare you to master the information you will need to achieve the Registered Parliamentarian, most commonly known as the RP credential.


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The Tar Heel E-Unit of Parliamentarians

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